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When you're buying radio advertising... make the message before you make the deal.

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The Message is the Magic

Yes, the station's audience - size, demographics, etc. - matters. But what you say to that audience matters so much more.

No Such Thing as a Small Market

Thanks to the internet and the ease with which nearly everyone can afford to travel, the customer in the smallest city is exposed to the same level of sophistication that was once the exclusive province of the major cities.

No matter what city you are in, your business has big-time competitors. If you want to beat them, you can't afford to be small-time.

ATW Creative Services Creates National-Quality Radio Creative for Local Advertisers.

ATW Creative Services, Inc. is an affiliate company of KTBB and The TEAM Sports Radio.

ATW stands for "Advertising that Works." We make that bold claim because we take the time to understand what we're trying to convey and then we take a great care in creating the message or messages to carry out that task.

When you put us to work, even if you are a sole proprietor business, you can still have radio advertising creative that is equal in quality, creativity, execution and effectiveness to that utilized in the largest markets by the biggest advertisers.

Much More Than "Producing a Spot."

If the sales rep for the radio station says that he or she is going to "produce you a spot," thank that sales rep and end the conversation.

"Producing a spot" has the ring of afterthought. Your message should never be an after thought. It should be a first thought.

The Client Interview

Who knows more about your business that you? Who can speak about it more passionately?

Here are some examples of "client interview" style radio commercials.

  • American Plumbing
  • AM/PM Window Coverings
  • Horizon Construction
  • Azalea Pools
  • MD Wellness & Weight Loss Center


Imagine hiring a polished, professional salesperson and putting him to work selling your business.

Here are some examples of "spokesperson/narrator" style radio commercials.

  • Bernard's Mediterranean Restaurant
  • Home & Garden Center of Longview
  • Dixie Paper Company
  • Inline Networks
  • Johnson & Pace

Personality Endorsement

There is no more effective form of advertising than word-of-mouth. When well-known personalities offer their personal endorsements, your advertising is believable.

Here are some examples of "personality endorsement" style commercials.

  • Competitive Cameras - Fuji X-T2
  • Hudson Printing
  • McIntyre Plumbing
  • Low-T Center


What would happen if thousands of prospects got the opportunity to eavesdrop on people having a conversation about your business.

Here is an example of a "dialogue" style radio commercial.
East Texas Spa

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